This Ritual is best performed during dandelion months (May-October in Europe).
If you cannot pick fresh Dandelions, you may use dryed dandelions or dandelion tea.


If you are looking to add this to your yearly rituals, it is best performed during Jupiter Retrograde.


I wrote this ritual to help me during a challenging life transition. It was a time where I decided to turn my whole life around, move country and start growing strong roots to begin building the life of my dreams.


I felt so lost. I knew my decision was what I wanted, but I felt like I was diving, head first, into the unknown. Anxiety became my regular 'good morning' and 'good night'. My mind was racing into the past, bringing up old trigers, childhood traumas and loose ends that needed tying.

I started spending more time in nature. I asked her and her plants for help, and the Dandelion came to the rescue. Through a strain of synchronicities, I knew that this was my teacher.

I hope this little ritual helps you cultivate the recilience you need in this time, as much as it helped me.

Much love to you in your journey.

Dandelion for Resilience Ritual

  • A three page pdf. to dowload.

    Page 1 - Image and title.

    Page 2 - Ritual/Meditation Text.

    Page 3 - Half Page Continued Text and Disclaimer

    Ritual Duration (Excluding Dandelion Picking): 30-40 minutes